Barira Saad

Registered dietitian

Hello there! I’m Barira Saad, the proud founder of Learn Dietetics website. As a registered dietitian with over 5 years of experience in both national and international settings, I’ve gained a rich background not only in paediatric community nutrition, but also in acute and adult community dietetics in the NHS.

Throughout my career, I recognised a gap – a platform where healthcare professionals could access reliable, evidence-based paediatric nutrition information in an easy-to-understand language. This led me to establish, with the goal of equipping healthcare professionals with the knowledge they need to offer the best possible care to our younger generation.

With a BS (Hons) in Food and Nutrition, a Postgraduate Diploma in Dietetics, and a Masters in Human Nutrition and Dietetics, I am dedicated to staying current in our ever-evolving field and sharing these advancements with you.

Welcome to Learn Dietetics – a place where we can grow together in our understanding of paediatric nutrition. I’m delighted you’re here and look forward to journeying alongside you in providing the best nutrition care to the children we serve.


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